The Founding of Fun

Today, Cedar Park is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Residents are welcoming, businesses are thriving and visitors are visiting. There’s more than enough fun to be found, from the H-E-B Center where concerts, shows and hometown sports teams are always taking center stage (or court) to outdoor excursions where the beauty of Hill Country can be fully embraced.

However, Cedar Park wasn’t overflowing with things to do, see and discover. In fact, this city was founded by a handful of courageous – and determined – pioneers who endured countless hardships and challenges to build the city we know as Cedar Park. The name “Cedar Park” was the third name for the area, first known as Running Brushy and then Brueggerhoff. It was bestowed upon the area by Emmett Cluck, the son of George Washington and Harriet (Hattie) Cluck. This appellation was announced in 1887. Though the times have changed, that pioneering spirit has been passed on to us through remnants of history.

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